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We're Keeping Our Communities Clean and Healthy

On Monday April 22nd the world will be celebrating Earth Day to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  Organizations everywhere will host events for local communities to participate in and show the world that they care about the place they live.  Events will range from beach and park cleanups to DIY workshops and tree plantings, while schools will educate their students about the importance of having an environmentally-conscious mind and keeping our world safe and clean.

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Instead of just thinking about how your actions positively/negatively affect the earth once a year, why not integrate sustainable practices into your everyday lives.  This post will feature some of the Earth Day projects worldwide, while also offering simple suggestions on how you can make your everyday routine more environmentally conscious.


Save Our Shores

Beach Cleanup

Save Our Shores is a non-profit marine conservation organization in Santa Cruz, California who cares for the marine environment through ocean awareness, advocacy, and citizen action.  Last Earth Day, their beach cleanup helped collect over 850 pounds of pollution, and on Earth Day 2011 they collected over 2,700 cigarette butts from their local beaches in just 2 hours alone! (1)

Decorate Grocery Bags

groceries project2

Earth Day Groceries Project will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary.  It's an easy, cost free environmental awareness project that matches youths with grocers to relay the message of Earth Day to everyone!  To participate, teachers just have to contact a local grocery store and ask to borrow "X" amount of paper bags.  Explain the purpose of the project to the manager, and pass out a paper bag to each student to decorate with Earth Day themed messages and pictures.  Return the bags to the same store on Earth Day, and customers will receive their groceries as well as an Earth Day message from children who care about the environment. Hopefully next Earth Day they will walk into the grocery store with a reusable bag! (2)

Attend an Earth Day Festival

san fran3

There will be Earth Day festivals all around the world on Monday April 22nd and the weekend prior.  Most of the festivals will include tree plantings, community trash pickups, and DIY projects.  San Francisco was voted the Greenest City in North America, so we know they will be celebrating Earth Day to the max!  Their festival will include music by local bands and dj's, green DIY workshops, keynote speakers, earth friendly exhibits and even an electric car showcase!  Make the effort and see what your local community is doing to celebrate on and around April 22nd. (3)

1.Recycle your Electronics
It is estimated that over 2.5 million tons of e-waste ends up in our landfills every year.  Planet Green, with the help of thousands of organizations, individuals, and businesses participating in our free recycling program have been able to keep millions of pounds of e-waste out of our landfills while raising over $40 million dollars to date!  For more information about our free recycling program click here.

2.Ride a Bike
Riding a bicycle to close by destinations can benefit the environment in numerous ways.  It decreases air pollution and oil runoff amongst many other environmental and health benefits.  To learn more about the benefits of riding a bike visit our Bike Revolution blog post here.

3.Pay your Bills Online
Eliminate paper waste by viewing and paying your bills online.  There is no need to waste printing paper, envelopes and even ink when online bills are an easy and safe alternative.

4.Buy Local Food
Buy your food from your local farmers market.  Not only is the food fresh, but you will also be cutting down the energy used to transport food long distances.  Not to mention you will also be supporting local businesses!

5.Check your Toilet for Leaks
A leaking toilet can discard 10,000 gallons of water each year!  10% of homes have leaks that waste over 90 gallons of water each day!  Check your toilet for leaks and help conserve water. (4)

6.Switch to Reusable Water Bottles
Americans throw away over 2.5 million plastic water bottles every hour!  Statistics say that only 27% of plastic water bottles are actually recycled!  Check out our post for more food and water storage statistics and alternatives here.

7.Use Green Cleaning Products
Chemicals in many household cleaning products are detrimental to your health and your pets.  There are a lot of natural cleaning products that are good for you and the environment.  Check out some ideas here.

8.Switch to Reusable Grocery Bags
Plastic bags take anywhere from 15-1,000 years to fully decompose.  Switch from plastic grocery bags to the reusable ones to help save the environment.  More facts about plastic bags here.

9.Volunteer in Community Cleanups
A community cleanup is a great way to participate in a social event and clean up the environment at the same time.  Even if you only partake a few times a year, you are still making a difference!

10.Compost your Waste
By composting, you are enhancing your own soil, while also eliminating trash.  Use your soil to plant a wonderful garden and start growing your own food!

Remember, every day is Earth Day.  Things that you do on Earth Day can be done throughout the whole year.  So start slow, and try to include one of the suggestions provided above into your daily routine.  Earth Day is a day for spreading awareness; your actions can make a difference little by little, every day.

Have a happy Earth Day!

-Team Planet Green Recycle


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Environmental Benefits of Urbanization

In North America, more than 40,000 tons of plastic and metal is saved from landfills annually as a result of cartridge recycling. For every 100,000 used cartridges recycled, we can save 9599 kilograms of aluminum, 40 tons of plastic, and 1,000,000 liters of oil. Ink cartridge recycling has virtually become synonymous with successful sustainable development.

Now imagine the exponential savings by reusing those cartridges BEFORE recycling them. Reuse is the highest form of recycling which is why remanufacturing is the ideal way to give used inkjet and toner cartridges another life - a life which doesn't include being abandoned in a landfill where it can take more than 1,000 years for the cartridge to decompose.

Here are just some of the reasons to reuse/recycle cartridges:

Reduces AIR and WATER pollution.

It helps save Environment.

It helps save Energy.

Emissions of Greenhouse gases.

More Facts About Recycling

Each year over 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown away with most ending up in landfills or in incinerators.

To put this in perspective the 375 million cartridges per year amount to disposal of:

  • 1,000,000 cartridges per day
  • 11 cartridges per second.
  • 375 million cartridges put end-to-end would circle the earth over three times.

This mountain of waste can be reduced through reuse and recycling. Yet approximately 70% of all ink cartridges and 50% of all toner cartridges are still not recycled.

The plastics used in printer cartridges are made of an engineering grade polymer that have a very slow decomposing rate ranging between 450 to 1000 years depending on the cartridge type. Ink cartridges may also leak printer ink polluting the surrounding environment.

Disposing ink cartridges into garbage can cause great harm to environment and miniature life. Most importantly, carbon black (toner) has been classified as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

More than three quarts of oil are consumed in producing each new laser cartridge. For manufacturing a new inkjet cartridge, about three ounces of oil are required. Recycling helps lower this cost to a considerable degree. An estimated quantity of over 11 million gallons of oil can be saved in only seven months by ink cartridge recycling.

By recycling printer cartridges, we conserve natural resources and energy by reducing the need for virgin materials. Up to 97 percent of the materials that make up a printer cartridge can be recycled or reused if taken care of. Printer cartridges can in extreme cases be refilled up to 15 times before reaching the end of their life most though averaging between 5-7 refills. For reused/remanufacturing cartridges the oil consumption is reduced to zero.